Bill Would Regulate Fantasy Sports in Texas

Legislation that would legalize and regulate online fantasy sports in Texas is making its way through the state legislature.

House Bill 1457 is in response to Attorney General Ken Paxton's opinion that online gaming is considered illegal gambling under state law.

“The opinion that was issued was perhaps that daily fantasy sports or fantasy sports for the exchange of price money, when you go in and compete, whether its one-on-one or with a group of people, could be construed as illegal,” says  Scott Dunaway, spokesperson fro the Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance.

The AG opinion led to FanDuel leaving the state as part of a settlement, but DraftKings continues to operate within the state.

“Its a four-page bill that outlines exactly what fantasy sports are and what they look like,” says Dunaway.  “It actually makes them very different from gaming because is clarifies the significant differences between them.  With passage of that bill, it will cement the reality of fantasy sports here in Texas.”

Thousands of angry Texans have contacted their lawmakers about it.

“I think the House is paying attention, this has been a loud issue in the Legislature this session,” says Dunaway.  “More than 65,000 Texans have corresponded with elected officials, whether its via email, phones, letters to the editor, to let them know to protect fantasy sports in Texas.”

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