Some in GOP Oppose Abbott's Call to Review Amendments


To the surprise of political observers, some Republicans have lined up at the Texas Legislature against one of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's key goals for the session.

The governor's plan to call an Article 5 convention -- to come up with constitutional amendments -- was shouted down by such Republicans stalwarts as Michael Openshaw of Denton.

Many warned that liberal groups are waiting to include everything from a constitutional right to a house and an abortion in the rewritten constitution -- and outside lobbyists will be involved as well.

Those are some of the reasons why fellow Republicans oppose to Abbott's proposal for a convention of states to come up with new amendments to the Constitution.

Opponents like Openshaw, who’s been a Republican since the days of Barry Goldwater, says it’s a recipe for disaster. But supporters of Abbott say Congress will not rein itself in by passing favorite conservative policies like term limits. -- only the states can do that.

Openshaw warns that the states won't be able to rein in an Article 5 convention because it would set its own rules.

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