We Don't have Enough Banks!

We're told consumer and commercial confidence about the economy is up since the election, but borrowing is not. There's been a big slowdown in bank lending.

John Heasley with the Texas Bankers Association says the answer is simple in Texas.

"The lack of a source of credit is a major factor in less borrowing right now."

Heasley says community banks make 45% of the small business loans.

"As a result of federal law and federal regulation over the last seven years we've lost one fourth of the smaller banks of Texas."

Heasley says Texas bankers hope the Trump administration follows through on promises to ease strangling Obama era regulation.

"I think you've got some changes with the new administration in Washington that is going to look at regulatory burdens for the banking industry as well as the availability and the granting of new charters with the new administration and this particular Congress; we'll see if they live up to their promises."

The Federal Reserve says loans and leases by commercial banks are down significantly from last year.

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