Worried about Online Privacy? There are Solutions

Lots of people are worried about the Trump administration rolling back Internet privacy regulations. If President Trump signs the legislation, theoretically, your ISP could sell your browsing history without your permission.

Many think this is just more 'chicken little' nonsense, but Internet security expert Robert Siciliano takes it seriously.

"I think we are definitely less secure and we have even less privacy. This is a perfect example of the further erosion of privacy and every day, every year, every administration takes away a little bit more."

Siciliano says if you're concerned about web history being sold to the highest bidder; use a VPN -- a virtual private network.

"A VPN, which is a virtual private network, is one of the most effective ways to mask your communications; basically telling your browser you're someone else, so your ISP won't know it's you."

Siciliano says another option is to use what's known as a "TOR" browser. By the way, Texas is ranked at the top of a list of states with the most porn searches.

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