Job Slowdown Could Be on the Way

The fast start to the New Year could be wearing off for the development of new U.S. jobs. The Labor Department released March numbers Friday.

Experts like Chief U.S. Economist Jim O’Sullivan, with High Frequency Economics, is anticipating a levelling-off.

“The last two months of unemployment numbers were so strong, well over 200-thousand, and they were probably exaggerated by milder than usual winter weather,” O’Sullivan points out, “and, in the end, these things even out.”

Some businesses which were aggressively hiring based on tax cut promises by the president are now taking a wait-and-see approach before bringing more new workers onboard.

O’Sullivan says 2016 was a good year.

“An average of 187-thousand (new jobs) per month, which is pretty strong,” he says, “and then the average for January and February was almost 240-thousand.”

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