The Sunday shows are no longer ‘Must See TV’

Another weekend is here, and that means on Sunday you’ll get another round of the Sunday Talk Shows. And those shows are a far cry from what they used to be.

When Tim Russert hosted 'Meet the Press' he made it a practice to go after both Republicans and Democrats. If you watch the Sunday shows now, all of them seem to be hosted by anchors that lean heavily to the left. Political Analyst Jacquie Baly (who is part of the ‘Roundup’ on Sundays on Fox 26 in Houston) tells KTRH people are starting to figure that out, and they aren't wasting their time anymore.

“There’s so much bias in journalism and the media that people are not going to these shows anymore or going to their reliable news sources anymore. They don’t know what’s fact and what’s fiction,” Baly explained.

Because of that, Baly says the shows that used to be Sunday morning staples, shows like 'Meet the Press,' Face the Nation,' and 'This Week on ABC' might not be around in a few years from now.

“I don’t think sitting down in front of your television on a Sunday morning is where people in their mid to late 40’s will be, or how they will be viewing the news,” Baly stated.

Especially when you can get news from different sources online; sources that are not as biased as the mainstream media.

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