Making It Easier and Cheaper to get a College Degree

We often hear there's a shortage of technical workers in America and that's why companies are bringing in workers from India. Now, a couple of bills to allow community colleges to offer bachelor’s degrees will be considered by the Texas Legislature.

Houston State Senator Paul Bettencourt says he saw what was happening at Brazosport College.

"Down at Brazosport on the coast they've been doing a Bachelor's of Technology and that's been really popular with the coastal industries."

Senator Bettencourt says Harris County schools should also have that freedom.

"Also open that up for a bachelor's degree for the community colleges in Houston -- Lonestar, San Jac -- everybody in Harris County."

Senator Bettencourt says there's no doubt there's an economic need to change the rules.

"There'll be people that can be hired with a Bachelor's of Technology degree that can go to work in the process industries or the manufacturing industries or just the energy business in general, so I think there's an economic need for that."

But not everyone's on board. The Texas Nurses Association says it's skeptical of the idea and wants more evidence these degrees are legit.

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