FOUND! Amber Alert Lifted in Freeport

NEW INFORMATION ON A statewide Amber Alert is issued for two small children:

The Amber Alert issued overnight by Freeport police has been lifted, after two children are safely recovered.  Police say 17-month old Dominic Smith and his six-month old brother Daniel were abducted by 26-year old Ryan Smith and 20-year old Ashley Smith... 

"After negotiations with law enforcement after the Amber Alert went out, the mom voluntarily surrendered the children and they are unharmed."  Freeport Police Captain Garivey says the couple was being investigated for child abuse by CPS:  

"At this time no charges are pending.  The case is still being investigated by CPS and the Freeport Police Department."

Earlier this morning:

Freeport police say they have located 26-year old Ryan Smith and his red, Jeep Cherokee.  Ashley Smith is sitll at large, and is believed to have the children.  She is said to be driving a blue Toyota Corolla, with Texas License plate number HTY-5331.


The Freeport Police Department is searching for Dominic Smith, white, male, 17 months old, dob 10/19/2015, height 3’0”, weight 45 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, wearing black shirt and camo shorts. 

Police are also searching for Daniel Smith, white, male, 6 months old, dob 09/29/2016, height 2’0”, weight 30 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes wearing a white shirt with orange stripes.

Police are looking for Ryan Smith, white, male, 26 years old, 01/03/1991, height 5’ 06”, weight 120 pounds, black hair, hazel eyes and has a trimmed mustache and a trimmed goatee, wearing a red or white t-shirt, blue jeans in connection with their abduction.

Police are also looking for Ashley Smith, white female, 20 years old, dob 08/20/1996, 5’ 06”, 150 pounds, brown hair, green eyes in connection with their abduction.

Law enforcement officials believe this child to be in grave or immediate danger.  

If you have any information regarding this abduction, call the Freeport Police Department at media point of contact is freeport police department at 979-239-1211.

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