Young Adults Aren’t Getting Married – At Least, Not Like Boomers Were

In a sharp break from tradition, young adults aren't getting married these days. Nothing like 40 years ago.

“People in general today,” says family therapist Julie Nise, “don't value what we have always traditionally valued.”

Nise says there is a reason people for generations have chosen to get married, rather than just live together.

“Living together is by far, absolutely not a better option,” she says. “There have been many, many studies and research to prove that.”

Nise says there is an arrogance among young people, because they seem to think they know a better way to live. Almost 40 years ago, two-thirds of baby boomers were married by the time they were the same age as today's millennials, 25-to-34. By contrast, only 40 percent of millennials have made the commitment to marriage.

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