You won’t believe what Democrats are doing to try and get votes

Democrats obviously had a problem getting enough votes to win November’s election, and some have found an ‘interesting’ way of trying to turn things around.

In Washington State, one Democratic leader wants people registered to vote at birth. In Nevada and New Mexico, liberal groups are trying to get people registered when they get driver's licenses. Catherine Engelbrecht at True the Vote told KTRH this is simply Democrat logic.

“It’s not about voting rights. It’s about engineering outcomes. If the current electorate doesn’t like what you’re selling, then apparently the Democrats’ answer is to change the electorate,” Engelbrecht explained.

Engelbrecht says you need to be aware of what's going on because this won’t be the last time Democrats try this sort of thing.

“Americans need to wake up and realize politics never sleeps. It’s not just about the run-up to the election. There’s an awful lot of stagecraft happening,” Engelbrecht stated.

In the meantime the Texas legislature continues to work on changes to the Voter ID Law, and Engelbrecht says she expects the left to take it to court once it's signed by Governor Abbott.

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