Texas Company Among Those Bidding on Border Wall

More than 800 companies submitted bids to build a wall at the border with Mexico before Tuesday’s Department of Homeland Security deadline. One of those companies was Quantum Logistics LLC in Mission, Texas.

President James Carpenter says he proposed a high-level security barrier.

“The way we lay the subterranean anti-dig, anti-tunneling system,” Carpenter says, adding, “some of the engineering that we use overseas in war zones will be applied.”

He has a unique view, living near the border.

“Being from Mission, Texas, we see the effects of a porous border,” he says. “We see it daily and it pours into our backyard.”

The DHS is to decide on a bidder by June. Several submissions were very creative, including one company suggesting the use of ballistic concrete -- able to withstand a tank round -- and another wanting to put a train inside the wall, carrying border agents on patrol.

Carpenter says, “I don't see this a construction project. I see this as a security project.”

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