Is America for Sale?

Foreigners have doubled the amount of small town municipal bond purchases they've made since 2009. Some worry we're selling off America piece by piece.

America's Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman says don't worry about it -- foreigners are buying muni bonds because it's a good deal for both sides.

"I am not worried about that at all. In fact, if a lot of foreigners are buying our bonds it brings interest rates down and it brings bond prices up."

Goodman says muni bonds give the buyer no control. But he is worried about foreign companies buying American interests.

"You think of BP and Royal Dutch Shell differently than Exxon or Chevron, you know, so that bothers me a lot more than foreigners buying municipal bonds."

Goodman says he's troubled to see a Chinese buyer purchase New York's legendary Waldorf-Astoria hotel and turn it into condos.

"When you own a municipal bond you don't have any sovereignty or input into what the town decides to do, so I think it's all a good thing and I'm not worried about it."

Foreign investors hold billions of dollars of U.S. municipal and federal debt.

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