Technology Companies Begging for Applications

More than 7.3 million American workers have technology jobs today, representing 2% growth in just one year. The demand is growing so rapidly there are more than 600-thousand unfilled openings.

Texas economist Ray Perryman says Silicon Valley is "hot," but the jobs are available all over the country.

“Pretty cities in the South -- Phoenix, Austin, the Research Triangle Park area -- those are the big ones, but you find them everywhere,” Perryman says. “I've seen them in big concentrations in Washington state, with Microsoft and all the collateral companies there.”

In addition to Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are looking for job candidates in hot market for Texans. Perryman says we're in the middle of job growth which won't end anytime soon.

“The demand for tech workers is going to be the big story,” he says, “in terms of worker needs for the next several decades.”

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