Does the 2nd Amendment Protect Drones with Guns?

The Second Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms. But what if you put your weapon on a drone, or mount it on a driverless car and control the trigger remotely?

South Texas College of Law Houston Professor Gerald Treece says a weaponized drone may be considered a 'weapon of war.'

"I'm not sure a drone gun is a weapon of war but it seems a little bit outside of the scope of what the two cases indicated the Second Amendment stood for."

Professor Treece says the Supreme Court will have to adjust to new technology.

"That's my prediction of what's going to happen; the extreme weapons? No. But more than just a gun at your house for safety? Yes."

Professor Treece says this is new territory and the law isn't settled on drones and guns.

"Until the United States Supreme Court clearly decides the issue, this issue that you're asking will continue to be fodder for law school classrooms around the country."

Professor Treece says we'll need test cases involving new technology to get rulings. He suspects the High Court will consider drones with guns 'weapons of war' and they probably won't be protected by the Second Amendment.

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