Book: Humans will become obsolete in fifty years

If you believe what a new book says, humans, as we are right now, will become obsolete in about half a century.

That's what historian Yuval Harari says. And he thinks we'll be able to use technology to upgrade ourselves. Dr. Moshe Vardi at Rice University told KTRH he's not buying into this theory just yet.

“That sounds like science fiction. What will happen in fifty years nobody knows. The future is unknown,” Vardi stated.

Harari says only the rich will be able to afford these upgrades, and that it could create more income inequality. Vardi says if Harari is right about these upgrades, and it's a big if, he could be right about income inequality too.

“Technology has not been kind to working people. It rewards people with education the higher the better. It does not reward people with a high school education,” Vardi explained.

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