POLL: Vanity Grips Some Middle Aged Men

More middle aged men are taking steroids to look better. But doctors warn it may not be worth the health risk.

Urologist Dr. Robert Dillon at Kelsey-Seybold says you've probably heard about some of the side effects.

"The side effects can be paranoia, irritation, ‘roid rage -- not road rage -- steroid rage."

Dr. Dillon says testosterone treatments are safer but can have unintended consequences.

"The body actually cuts down its ability to make testosterone so you become dependent upon it -- not addicted -- but dependent because you don't make testosterone."

Dr. Dillon says it's not natural for a man in his 50s to have the same T-level he had in his 20s.

"When you're 18 you have a level and when you're 50 you're not going to have the same level. So, if someone thinks their testosterone is 400, which is normal, and they're 50 and they want to get to 1100 like when they were 18, that's not appropriate."

Researchers warn we don't yet know the effects on ordinary men – not athletes -- of taking steroids or testosterone over long periods of time.

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