Search Intensifies for Cop Killer in Baytown

Police are turning up the heat in their search for a cop killer in Baytown. Harris County Precinct-3 Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Clint Greenwood was gunned down outside the courthouse annex as he arrived at work Monday.

Investigators released surveillance video of a vehicle that may be involved in the crime. They are also looking for several people, including a Hispanic man in a dark jacket with a patch on the sleeve.

"I can assure you that he wasn't expecting anything bad to happen... I was just totally shocked. I mean, you know, you hear about these horrible things all the time, but somehow you just think that you're immune to it. But you're not,"

Greenwood's longtime friend Jim Leitner talked to our TV partner channel-2. Greenwood leaves behind a wife and four children.

The reward for information leading to an arrest has also increased to 65-thousand dollars.

"He was an awesome individual; 30-years is a long time to go fighting crime."

Caleb Warden says he's organizing a fundraiser for the family. The crawfish boil and barbecue will be held at the Royal Purple Raceway on April 15th. Half the proceeds will go to Greenwood's family, the other half to The 100 Club.

The 100 Club also released a statement:

"A $20,000 check will be given to Chief Greenwood’s wife to help with any immediate financial needs. Additional financial support for the family will be made after an assessment of their needs is conducted. The average gift from the 100 Club to a dependent family is approximately $300,000."

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