Romo to retire; what do Texans do now?

The Texans search for a quarterback for the 2017 season seemingly centered on Dallas, where Tony Romo was apparently going to be let go by the Cowboys last month to look for another opportunity to continue his playing career.

Then the Texans traded Brock Osweiler to Cleveland, and it seemed like they were holding their quarterback position open for Romo. Instead of releasing him, Dallas owner Jerry Jones decided to try and get something in return through a trade. When neither the Texans nor Broncos showed a willingness to make a deal, Jones and the Cowboys simply held on to Romo.

Then rumors started flying that Romo was the object of desire, not only for the Texans, but for TV executives, too. There were reports about Fox being interested. There were reports that CBS had interest.

Maybe there was something to those reports.

Romo is reportedly going to be released today, but instead of signing with Houston, it appears as if Romo is going to end his playing career and become a broadcast analyst. That, of course, leaves a big hole for the Texans at the most important position on the field.

So what do they do now?

We asked Lance Zierlein of our sister station Sports Talk 790, who also is a draft analyst for the NFL Network. He told KTRH while the Texans should focus on the draft; there are other veterans out there that could interest the Texans.

“Jay Cutler, RG3, and Collin Kaepernick are out there. They may or may not be considered,” Zierlein said.

But Zierlein said the team’s focus may be on the draft.

“They already planned on drafting a quarterback, and I think they are going to have to put their focus there,” Zierlein explained.

The Texans still have Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden on the roster.

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