Men are paying a price for being men

Go to a college campus. Turn on the mainstream media. What you are likely to find is something that wasn’t there years ago. Masculinity is under attack.

So how does this manifest itself? Paul Elam with A Voice for Men told KTRH you'll find gender rules on campus. You'll find the attitude as well that all men are rapists.

“The very traits that men must have in order to attract women are the very traits that feminists in particular are attacking and calling toxic,” Elam said.

It's very different than it was; say back during the days of World War II, and Suzanne Venker, who wrote 'The War on Men' says people of that generation don't understand what has happened.

“The differences between women and men and what’s great about men and women were honored back in their day. It would be like a foreign language for them to hear about it,” Venker explained.

If we want to turn it around, Venker says it's going to be a slow effort, and it's incumbent on women to help change the attitudes we see today.

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