Gun Sales Slow as Owners Customize Weapons Under Trump

Gun sales have reportedly dropped 17-percent from the first three months of 2016, thanks in large part to President Donald Trump's pro-gun stance.

Sales were projected to soar under a Hillary Clinton administration, but dealers now have to readjust under a pro-gun president.

“There was kind of a national exhale so-to-speak in the shooting industry, so it caused a bit of a slowdown throughout the months of December, January and February,” says Patrick Woods at the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Because most dealers anticipated a dip in sales once Trump was elected, Woods says sales have taken a backseat to other facets of the gun industry.

“There may not be a of losing their right to bear arms which frees them up to focus on expanding the accessories for those arms, or customizing them the way they would like to, but most importantly, increasing their skill level through the use of training and shooting range practice,” he says.

Specialty guns, or the AR-15 in particular, is one of those weapons many owners are now accessorizing.  However, Woods is optimistic Americans will continue to arm themselves as a way of protection.

 “I think that slowdown nationally seems to be letting up a bit, causing people to decide to get back out and expand their gun collections once more,” he says.  “Not necessarily in fear of the loss of their rights, although these most recent attacks on President Trump from the liberal media are certainly some cause for concern.”

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