Texas Senate Seeks to Fast Track Ike Dike Project

The Texas Senate this week passed a resolution urging quick construction of the so-called "Ike Dike" to protect the state's Gulf Coast from future hurricanes.

Friendswood Republican Larry Taylor is calling on Congress to expedite construction of the coastal barrier which would stretch all the way from Orange to Brazoria -- protecting 6.5 million people along with the state's manufacturing hub and port.

“With our current administration in Washington declaring infrastructure updates a priority and with its intent to provide funding for such updates, the time is now for Texas to capitalize on the groundwork laid thus far,” Taylor said from the Senate floor Tuesday.

“Texas, through the joint interim committee to study a coastal barrier system, and in coordination with experts in the field, has laid the groundwork to provide a framework for an actionable plan to protect the Gulf Coast region from hurricanes and other damaging weather events.”

But questions remain whether Congress will follow through with funding or if the project can be put on the fast track.

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently working in a Mega Study for the entire Coast of Texas, which it includes the Ike Dike as one of our Alternatives,” reads a statement from Eduardo Irigoyen, project manager for the Corps' Galveston District.

“The study is a 5-year study and it's not schedule to be completed until April 2021. Unfortunately at this time we don't know if the Ike Dike will be one of our Selective plans.”

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