Immigrant numbers on track to break 100-year old record

According to newly released numbers, the United States will break a 100 year old record when it comes to immigrants both legal and illegal.

By 2023, immigrants will make up 15 percent of the US population, breaking the all-time high we last hit in 1890. Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner told KTRH there's a big difference between now and then. Back then, we encouraged immigrants to assimilate. Now, we don't.

“It wasn’t but thirty years ago that courts were saying immigrants need to learn English, get along with our culture and follow the law,” Bedard said.

If these trends continue as projected, Steven Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies says the impact on Texas is not going to be positive.

“Texas has the least educated immigrant population in the country. That’s why poverty rates and welfare use are so high in the state,” Camarota stated.

Camarota says 40 percent immigrants in Texas lack a high school education, compared to just 9% of native Texans.

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