Are you a good driver? Most overrate their skills

As you make your way to work this morning, it’s a good bet you think your driving skills are pretty good. But you might be overrating them.

A new survey from says almost 20% of drivers are cut off by another driver every single day. In almost 20 years as a state trooper, Richard Standifer told KTRH he's see some weird stuff.

“I see a number of folks disregarding a stopped school bus. They’ll say they didn’t see it. A school bus is every bit of thirty feet long and painted yellow. It’s pretty hard to miss,” Standifer said.

That hasn't stopped you from telling us, that like Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man, you are, indeed, excellent drivers.

“I have a lack of tickets and lack of accidents,” one driver told KTRH.

Another driver said, “I use my turn signals.”

And one other driver told us, “I have no tickets. I am 64 years old. I’ve had my license since I was 14,” that driver explained.

But, there is an objective way to tell if you're a good driver. There are apps out there that can tell you; apps like Highway Hero, created by Liberty Mutual. The two biggest problems they track - speeding and phone use.

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