Twitter starts censoring search terms, but are they the right ones?

Twitter has begun to censor certain search terms, but it just seems like it’s more of the same from the liberals in charge of what you see.

Terms like 'porn' are censored, but the term 'jihad' is not. Melissa Mackenzie at the American Spectator told KTRH it's a head scratcher.

“Who really uses Twitter for porn? Nobody; not anybody who is serious about it. But they do use Twitter to communicate and share propaganda,” Mackenzie explained.

It might be just another effort by the left to censor out conservative view points. Mackenzie says this has already impacted our society.

“There’s a complete lack of trust. That’s what we have now. That’s in part how we got Donald Trump. There’s a huge segment of the population, and rightfully so, that simply do not believe anything they read or see anymore,” she said.

Mackenzie adds that the bias is so systemic and unseen that you honestly just don't know what you may be missing out on when you check out your Twitter timeline.

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