Many Colleges and Universities are Far Left

It seems like every week we hear about something extreme at a college or university. From safe spaces to free speech zones to open hatred of white people, many schools have swung far to the left. What's up with that?

Education critic Marty Nemko says the left targeted academia early on and many of us are in echo chambers.

"The people who are conservative only talk to conservatives that consider liberals are a bunch of commie wackos and the left thinks that everybody's who's conservative is a Nazi."

Nemko says lefties only want to hire lefties.

"You wanna be a member of a club with people like you, so there really is more censorship from the left than the McCarthyism the left continues to try to tout 75 years later."

The latest outrage involves an Iowa professor who gave his students an assignment to consider 9/11 from the terrorists' perspective. Nemko says that actually sounds reasonable, so it may be a bad example. But it does have some parents in Iowa angry.

Nemko says the left has control of college professors and administrators and there's not much political diversity.

"More and more that's become the dominant view and when somebody is an academic department one of the most powerfully held views is your political views and you want to hire people like yourself."

But this Iowa professor is a mild example; there are plenty more examples of open hostility toward whites, the need for “safe spaces” and so-called "free speech zones."

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