Could funding the Trump wall be delayed?

The deadline for companies to submit prototype designs for President Trump’s border has been extended for another week. But, there is now another obstacle that could delay the wall the President based his campaign on. It’s a delay that could cost Texas when the dust settles.

That obstacle is funding. Republican Senators like Missouri's Roy Blunt now say funding will be considered at a later time and won’t be part of the spending bill that must be passed in May to avoid a government shutdown. Texas State Representative Dennis Bonnen told KTRH that's very disappointing.

“At some point, I don’t know if every member of Congress will be thrown out of office or what’s going to happen. But at some point, these guys have to accomplish some goal and move the country forward,” Bonnen explained.

That delay could cause Texas to spend more money on border security than the $800M that was approved two year ago. That $800M plan was spearheaded by Bonnen.

“It is going to increase the financial cost and burden to the state of Texas, not simply on what we would need to spend on border security, but the cost to our state for an unsecured border, which is what we live with today,” Bonnen said.

Elsewhere Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recently implied that the wall might actually be placed on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River.

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