Don’t Forget to Have Sex

With our busy modern lives, a lot of couples are missing out on intimacy. Almost everybody agrees that good sex makes a good relationship, but who has the time?

Houston family therapist Mary Jo Rapini says you should schedule a time to have sex. Don't worry if it's not spontaneous.

“Scheduled sex, gets sex,” Rapini says. “Spontaneous sex goes sexless. It doesn't have to be boring, in fact, it can be really exciting, because you can anticipate it.”

She says you can buy something special to wear, an enticing perfume and maybe put on a little makeup for bed time. He can buy chocolates, take a bath and shave. Make it special, she says, and your relationship will benefit. This is important.

“It's not only the act of sex,” she says. “It's the emotional component, and when's that gone from a marriage, I mean, the marriage cannot survive without intimacy.”

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