Can Kushner fix what’s broken in Washington?

President Trump has named Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, to head an office focused on using business ideas to fix government bureaucracy. Many Trump supporters are applauding the move because Kushner is bringing new thinking to DC. Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer says this broken system is in need of someone with a new vision.

“It’s not just that it’s inefficient, it’s that it develops its own interests,” Krauthammer said.

Texas Republican strategist Debbie Georgatos says Kushner will find resistance once he starts putting his ideas into action, which is why DC has been broken for years.

“I’m not sure that many really embrace these ideas. This has not been the operating principle of government for decades.

Many politicians say they want change, but it rarely happens. Democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez says it's time to follow through on promises.

“What we really need is not smaller government or bigger government. We need government that works. What’s happened is, because of the division amongst us, the government has stopped working for us,” Tameez explained.

But some of the people and elements that have caused the problems, according to Tameez, are still in DC.

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