A Bill Aims to make Texas Gun Fees More Competitive

Texas has one of the highest fees in the nation for gun permits, but a bill that's passed the Senate would change that. Many Texans leave the state to get a gun permit and some lawmakers say that's money that should stay in Texas.

Alan Korwin wrote the 'Texas Gun Owner's Guide' and he says these fees are immoral.

"The idea that the government charges you a fee to exercise your rights is fundamentally wrong from a political and philosophical perspective."

Critics say cutting the conceal carry permit fee by $100 would cost the state $15-million.

"Politicians who argue 'we should charge you for your rights because we need the money;' those people need to look at why they're in office."

Korwin is a fan of what's called Constitutional Carry; no permits or fees to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

"Where possession of your private property doesn't require a permission slip, a fee or other red tape from government. You don't need a fee to go to church, you don't need a fee to own a bible; why should you need a fee to own or carry a firearm?"

In addition to the Senate bill that would cut the conceal carry permit fee from $140 to $40, there is a 'Constitutional Carry' bill in the House.

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