Is Conservative media under the microscope?

There seems to be more scrutiny on conservative news media these days.

You've seen it with Judge Andrew Napolitano being suspended by Fox. Tomi Lahren is out at The Blaze for saying she's pro-choice. So what is going on? Will Sommer at The Hill, who is from Houston, told KTRH with more access comes more scrutiny.

“It’s related to having a higher profile. In the Trump Era these outlets have more access,” Sommer stated,

But it's not the mainstream media that's doing this to these conservative news personalities, it's coming from closer to home, and it has to do with President Donald Trump.

“He’s scrambled the idea of what it is to be a conservative. He’s created the ‘Never Trump’ movement that is very eager to take out anyone who is seen as being close to Trump,” Sommer explained.

In other words, it's right on right crime. Elsewhere, Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center recently told Breitbart that Conservatives are 'abused' by media that don't represent 75% of the country.

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