Consumers Need to Review Their Insurance

More than half of all American drivers have been with their current insurance company for at least eight years. Forty percent have never shopped around for a lower rate.

State Farm Insurance Texas spokesman Chris Pilcic says you ought to review your coverage on a regular basis.

“There are so many factors nowadays that go into pricing an insurance policy,” Pilcic says, “where you drive, how many miles, the type of vehicle you drive, its safety rating, and your driving history and credit score.”

Millennials are the most likely to check each year, but 56 percent of them think they have to wait for their current policy to expire before they can change. That's not the case.

It is always important to know if you coverage is right for your situation.

“Understand what coverage you have and what discounts you have available to you,” he urges, “and make sure you're having annual reviews.”

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