A Pill to Reverse Aging

We're always searching for the Fountain of Youth and now scientists in Australia think they may have found it. NASA is said to be interested in a pill that reverses aging in mice.

Dr. Christine Le at Kelsey-Seybold says it's very exciting research.

"If there was a medicine that could repair damaged DNA it could help the person be more youthful or it could prevent future medical problems."

Dr. Le says if the pill works it would keep cancer patients from further illness. The pill promises to protect astronauts from solar radiation, but the research is with mice.

"When the astronauts are out in outer space they do have a lot more radiation that could damage their DNA and give them a higher likelihood of different cancers."

Dr. Le says this is probably many years in the future -- if it works on humans.

Human trials will begin this year at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

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