There May be No Good Way to Stop Jihadis from Using Social Media

While some say Google and Facebook have blood on their hands, it would be nearly impossible to prevent terrorists from using social media to communicate. And even if we could, experts say social media would likely become something no one else would want to use, either.

Terrorism expert Professor Jeff Addicott says the Internet's freedom works against us.

"Once you take it down in one place it pops up somewhere else, so it's like a Whack-a-Mole; it never ends."

But Professor Addicott says the FBI likes to be able to watch the terrorists post on social media. He says they've foiled hundreds of plots since 9/11.

"The vast majority never got to engage in murder because we had the tools to that we used to break them up."

Many say we could censor Twitter and Facebook and block keywords like bomb, but if we do, the terrorists win.

Addicott says social media can be a terrorist honey pot.

"The FBI actually likes to see these jihadi Tweets and web sites so they can trace them back to where they're coming and perhaps get a larger viper's nest than they would normally be able to get, so it's a double edged sword."

Plus, Professor Addicott says if we take steps to censor social media sites so that terrorists can't use them, it's likely none of us would want to use them, either.

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