Happiness Comes with Old Age

Many people spend their younger years worrying about how they will be old negatively impacted by old age.  Old people: not so much.

A new Associated Press survey by West Health and the University of Chicago finds that people in their 30’s a far more pessimistic about their golden years than those looking it right in the face.  “There are some pretty negative stereotypes about what it means to get old,” says Dr. Mary Gergen, a Penn State Psychology professor who with her husband publishes a newsletter titled “Positive Aging.” 

You apparently have to rack up the years to appreciate positive aging.  46% of 30-somethings say they are only somewhat optimistic about turning grey.  66% of people over the age of 70 are brimming with optimism. 

“A lot of the trials and tribulations of life occur when you’re in your 30’s.  They’re resolved when you’re 60,” she says. “Then you approach it and realize you are still hanging together pretty well.  And you feel pretty good about yourself.”

It’ll take many years for the younger minds to catch up to that awareness.old

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