Reciprocity Shows Gun Rights Gaining Momentum

The movement to strengthen gun rights in America appears to be gaining momentum, helped in part by Texas Sen. John Cornyn's national reciprocity bill.

More than a dozen states -- including Texas -- have introduced pro-gun legislation since President Trump took office. 

While many are touting Sen. Cornyn's reciprocity measure, some like Alice Tripp with the Texas State Rifle Association believes it doesn't go far enough.

"The ultimate goal is to have national constitutional carry where that is not necessary, but one miracle at a time," says Tripp.

"This would go a long, long way to eliminating the patchwork of whether you can go through that state, around that state or bypass that state completely."

President Trump this week reaffirmed his campaign promise to protect the right to bear arms.

"We've been stalemated a whole lot over the last x number of years, so this is really a great development for gun rights," says Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.

"It’s all due to gun owners who were extra active in the last election and really elected a lot of good people."

Gottlieb believes Cornyn's bill will be approved by Congress, with President Trump signing it into law in the coming months.

"I have no problem with the so-called constitutional carry where you can carry without a permit, but the problem is I don't think that will pass the United States Senate," he says.

"Cornyn's bill is probably the best we can pass, it’s similar to proposals we tried for years and could not get passed."

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