Traffic Stop Instructions Advance in Texas Legislature

Legislation approved by the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee would require schools to teach students about how to act during a traffic stop. Houston Senator John Whitmire is optimistic the bill will pass -- with a vote possibly coming next week.

“I would think maybe Wednesday of next week,” Whitmire speculates. “It has the support of the entire Senate and the lieutenant governor.”

Whitmire says the side of the road isn’t where you do battle about a traffic stop -- it won’t work.

“We know they have rights and they have due process,” he says, “but they can't resolve it on the streets.”

High school students, drivers-in-training and police officers would receive instruction in the officer's responsibilities and duties, the person's rights and proper behavior. It sounds good to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

“Anything we can do to help our kids be successful, in terms of their interactions with police, and police be successful in their interactions with kids,” the chief says, “would be a win for everybody.”

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