Census Bureau releases population estimates

It’s not the full census, but the newest population estimates have been released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Texas is the second most populous state with 27.8 million people. Total breakdowns haven't been done as of yet, but as of 2010 Houston was just under 50% Hispanic. State demographer Lloyd Potter told KTRH logic says that number will rise.

“Across the state we will see increases in the Hispanic population. That’s a trend we have seen for some time.

Previous projections had the state to be majority Hispanic by 2044, but Potter says that projection might be off.

“There have been some declines in Hispanic fertility. The previous projections were based on Hispanic fertility that was higher,” Potter explained, adding that the shift will happen, just not before 2044 at this point.

The state will release its own research on population data later this year, and Potter says the number of Hispanics will be higher than actually reported because no one knows just how many people are here illegally.

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