‘Gen-Z’ might be most conservative Since World War II

Generation Z, the generation after millennials, born between 1995-2010, might be the most conservative the country has seen since World War II

That's the theory being put out there by analysts from Goldman-Sachs and polling done by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Jim Whiddon is an expert on generational differences and explained to KTRH why that may be the case.

“Adversity and challenges cause us to seek answers. They’ve seen economic and political adversity,” Whiddon stated.

The adversity he refers to being the Obama years. This trend reminds Whiddon of the TV show from the 1980's, 'Family Ties' made famous for the conservative character Alex P. Keaton, played by Michael J. Fox.

“Part of the premise of that show was the non-sequitur nature of having a son that was so conservative being raised by parents that were liberal,” Whiddon explained.

And that is why the analysts say that Democrats should worry that these Generation Z voters will not be voting for them.

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