Will Your Job be Automated Soon?

While we do story after story about machines coming for our jobs, the truth is only one job listed on the 1950 census has been completely automated: elevator operator. But there's no doubt the robots are rising and some human jobs are about to go.

Andy Challenger with outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas says self-driving cars are a growing threat.

"They take over driving an Uber or a taxi with automatic cars or providing customer service at a fast food chain."

What will we do with all of the suddenly out of work humans? Challenger says the health care industry might be the answer.

"Any type of personal health care that's being provided; that's an area of the economy that's growing."

Challenger says baby boomers will need lots of health care in the next few decades and robots probably won't be the best choice for those jobs.

"I think that's a lot of areas where people are going to go -- providing personal home health care as they are dislocated from the economy because of automation in manufacturing or other service positions; that's an area that's really going to grow a lot."

With regard to elevators, an NPR report says they could have been fully automated as early as 1900, but people didn't trust them without a human until the 1950s.

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