Islam's Growth Could Change U.S. Politics

Pew researchers call Islam the fastest-growth religion in the world. Over time, this is bound to change the face of American politics because so many refugees are coming to this country.

Political analyst Debbie Georgatos expects a coming push toward Sharia Law. She says that's not a condemnation of Muslims -- many of whom are moderates and want a modern society.

“But, it is a condemnation of the core teachings in Islam, in the Quoran and the later writings, that are embraced by many Muslims around the world,” Georgatos says, “and the question is who is going to prevail.”

Islam is expected to be the majority religion in the world by the turn of the century. Its membership will increase by 73 percent by the year 2050 -- double the growth rate of Christianity.

Political professor Terry Madison at Franklin and Marshall College says, t-“What it's going to do is to test the limits of freedom of religion.”is

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