CEO develops ‘Snowflake Test’ for employee candidates

We’ve told you how our society is changing because of ‘Generation Snowflake.’ The generation that can’t seem to handle anything that isn’t in their ‘plan.’ Well, one C-E-O is fighting back.

Kyle Reyes is the CEO of Silent Partner Marketing. He's developed a 'Snowflake Test' to weed out prospective employees that he doesn't want. He told KTRH why he decided to do this.

“As I started having interview after interview, I realized I needed some kind of filter. I needed people to filter themselves out that wouldn’t necessarily be a fit for our culture,” Reyes explained.

Among the questions he asks include, 'What does American mean to you' and 'How do you feel about police.' He says it throws snowflakes off, and they effectively take themselves out of the running for work at his company.

“When they have a test that makes them think and makes them come up with a response and be willing to stand by that, it’s very disconcerting for some people,” Reyes said. <PSI_END_OBJECT>

Reyes says the reaction has been positive, and hasn't had anyone question whether or not he can legally ask candidates any of the questions on his 'Snowflake Test.'

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