Soros-funded Protest Job in Houston

There is an ad on Craigslist for a $38,000 a year full-time job as a community organizer for an environmental protest group in Houston, probably funded by left-leaning billionaire George Soros.

KTRH spoke with Betty, the office manager for the Texas Campaign for the Environment, who says she has never heard the name George Soros and says the job is for an activist.  “We don’t protest,” she says.  “We knock on doors and we have people write letters to their political representative so we can put pressure on those politicians with their representatives.”

But former Harris County Republican Party chair Paul Simpson says the left is organizing.  “We know that George Soros gave almost a quarter of a billion dollars to 100 groups that participated in those left-wing marches the weekend after the inauguration,” Simpson says plainly.  “We know these groups are very organized and are giving instructions to their folks and what to do inside the town halls and outside.”

That Houston job for a door knocker comes with two weeks paid vacation.

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