Limbaugh: We’ve created a crisis mentality

If it seems to you that we have a crisis mentality; that there is fear mongering everywhere, you may not be wrong. It's something that KTRH's Rush Limbaugh pointed out earlier this week.

“We’ve made everybody afraid of everything. We literally have instilled a crisis mentality and a fear culture throughout our country. Our current culture has managed to make people afraid of everything except, of course, the one thing they should really fear, and that is runaway, rampant, radical socialism, communism, call it what you will. That’s what ought to make people afraid,” Limbaugh explained.

TTexas Republican strategist Brendan Steinhauser says it was something instilled in the country by the left and former President Obama.

“I think it’s by design, so that those who want more government control over our daily lives can use that fear and that crisis that’s manufactured to try and impose new regulations,” Steinhauser said.

Which is something President Obama tried to do at every turn... and Steinhauser said he had a partner in that; the mainstream media.

“They’ve really created a mass hysteria about everything. Everything is a crisis. If it bleeds it leads,” Steinhauser stated.

Rush says what we really should be afraid of is "runaway, rampant, radical socialism." You can hear Rush every weekday from 11-2 here on Newsradio 740 KTRH.

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