Another Indication We're too Attached to Our Phones

Maybe it's just the Brits, but an English survey has found losing a smart phone is a lot more stressful than dealing with the threat of a terrorist attack.

In fact, the terrorist threat is only 13th on the list of things people stress about. Marriage counselor Julie Nise is not impressed.

"To all the marshmallow, fluffy bunny, safe-zone craving morons who think that losing a cell phone equates to -- or is even remotely close to surviving or being in a terrorist attack -- that's just completely, outrageously incorrect."

Nise says she's addicted to her smart phone, too, but if losing it would be this stressful, you need to throw the phone in the trash.

She says if it's that important to you, get help.

"Everybody I know who has a smart phone is overly attached to it -- including me -- but it doesn't mean it rises to the level of something as horrific and completely terrifying as a terrorist attack."

The study found the threat of a terrorist attack is less stressful than things like planning a wedding or moving.

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