Networks Give President Trump no Respect

It's more evidence the national news media hates President Trump; February was a good month for job creation, but you wouldn't know it from watching network TV news.

Julia Seymour of the Media Research Center says President Bush wasn't given any credit, either.

"And then when Obama took office they did the exact opposite; bad economic stories got downplayed, ignored or minimized and good economic news -- they immediately tried to credit Obama."

Seymour says she monitored the TV newscasts the day the jobs report came out.

"Two of the networks downplayed the connection; only CBS had a really good, positive jobs report."

Seymour says democrats who claim President Obama got the same coverage are kidding themselves.

"They reported Wall Street's 12 day record surge where 12 sessions in a row we hit new record highs; the three network evening shows combined -- 36 total opportunities -- they did seven stories."

Seymour says this was not the case with the Obama administration. Anything that could be used to promote President Obama was a coverage priority.

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