Houstonians react to travel ban ruling

Just hours before President Trump’s executive order banning travel from six countries was about to take effect, the courts got in the way again.

A federal judge in Hawaii was the one to put a stop to the ban this time around. Gary Polland of the Texas Conservative Review told KTRH says this ruling was motivated by politics more than it was actual law.

“I think it’s clear the agenda of the Democrats is to obstruct Donald Trump and his ability to be President,” Polland said.

MJ Khan of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston says the court found what many on the left had thought; that is order was nothing more than a Muslim ban, and if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck.

“These are predominantly Muslim countries, and there is no evidence that there was any terrorist attacks on the United States from someone that was from any of those six countries,” Khan told KTRH News.

Khan also is concerned that the ban, even revised, gives extremists more of an opportunity to spread propaganda, but Polland says it would not have impacted anyone the revised ban eliminated the problems earlier courts had with the first ban.

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