Bathroom Moves on to Texas House

Senate Bill 6 -- called the “bathroom bill” -- is now headed to the Texas House. It cleared the Senate yesterday.

Conservative Voters of Texas President Jared Woodfill says this issue impacts the whole state.

“The eyes of the nation are watching Texas and if Joe Straus keeps the representatives from voting,” Woodfill says, “then that's a travesty.”

Straus is the Republican Speaker of the House who could prevent the issue from coming to a vote.

“The reality is,” he says, “Joe Straus and his lieutenants need to allow our duly-elected representatives to vote. They shouldn't be afraid of a vote.”

The bill would require people to use the bathroom which matches their gender at birth. Woodfill is sure his side would win.

“We want a vote in the House and I am confident, if given a vote in the House, we will be successful.”

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