Are extremists taking advantage of visa program?

Muslim extremists may be taking advantage of a visa program to come to the United States.

That program is the 'R' visa program for non-immigrant clerics and religious workers. Critics say it's been abused for years. Col. James Williamson is President of Special Operations OPSEC, and told KTRH he has multiple concerns.

“One, because it’s a huge vulnerability for the United States and our national security. And two, there are case histories of it being abused in the past where it’s come back to bite us,” Williamson explained.

And he says one possible solution is more vetting for people using the program to try and come to the U.S.

“It is probably the most expeditious answer. It would either mean closing it temporarily or subjecting it to extreme scrutiny,” Williams stated, adding that it would not be a ban on Muslims; it would simply close a loophole that might be abused by those that want to harm us.

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