Let Your Employees Follow March Madness

It's time for one of the nation's biggest sporting events and some of the March Madness is in how it's reported. Lots of stories are written about how the tournament costs billions of dollars in productivity, but some experts say it's a much more complicated issue than that.

Jim Whiddon at the Old School Advantage.com says the benefits of letting workers play outweigh the negatives.

"I think the NCAA tournament, as kind of silly as it sounds, is a way to bring people back to the water cooler."

Whiddon says when we were kids the nation came together for things like the final episode of MASH, but with 500 channels that doesn't much happen now.

"The common experiences in our lives are reducing so much that I think it's hurting the relationships in the office place as well as out of the office place."

Whiddon says let employees bond during the tournament and don't worry too much about productivity.

"Businesses don't do just cost analysis, they do cost-benefit analysis and I suspect whoever writes articles like that talking about the cost, maybe they haven't run a business and they're not thinking about the benefits or the value for that cost."

Whiddon says the team building and camaraderie March Madness fosters outweighs the distraction.

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