Hawking warns of mass destruction

Physicist Stephen Hawking is sounding the alarm bells once again.

In a recent interview, he warned of the potential for mass destruction due to human aggression and technological advancements.

It's not the first time Hawking has made this claim; he first made the claim it a few years ago. Is he right? Peter Bishop at Teach the Future here in Houston told KTRH that he has his doubts.

“The future of human affairs is not quite as clear. While I respect his knowledge and ability, the ability to forecast what’s going to happen in the future is quite different than the black holes and other phenomenon that he studies,” Bishop explained.

But, he says Hawking is right about one thing; technology has made the world more dangerous, especially when it comes to delivering weapons.

“We have a larger possibility today of doing immense destruction to the human species with nuclear weapons than we ever had with any other weapons before,” Bishop stated.

Despite his concerns, Hawking claims to be 'optimistic' about our future.

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